Before the start of the 1983 NBA playoffs, Moses Malone was asked his prediction for the upcoming playoffs. He answered fo' fo' fo' - meaning the Sixers would sweep each round of the playoffs. It turned out be fo' fi' fo', as the Sixers needed 5 games to dispense of the Milwaukee Bucks in the conference finals.

It is the 25th anniversary of that quote and that championship. Finally, the Philadelphia Phillies are World Champions!!!  I guess the memorable quote this time is from Chase Utley:  "World Champions.  [pause]  World Effing Champions!!!"

Here some facts on each of the teams since they won their last championship:

Year of Last Championship Seasons without a Championship Playoff appearances since Finals appearances since Fans attended since # of other teams who have won
 Philles 2008 0 0 0 0 0
 Eagles 1960 48 19 2 15,000,966 18
 76ers 1983 25 14 1 16,124,677 7
 Flyers 1975 32 26 5 22,969,290 13

Flyers attendance is the only one which doesn't include playoffs

Between May 31, 1983 and October 29, 2008: